If you need a book for Christmas or Hanukkah, for someone you love or someone you simply love to annoy, my book on the joys of aging might be a good choice. I'm asking $15 for autographed copies of "Did I Really Change My Underwear Every Day?"

Use comments@larrymccoyonline.com to send me your name, address and the name of the person you want written in the book. You can click the top PayPal BUY NOW to send me $15. If you want to pay by check, send me a note and I’ll respond with my address.

Copies of my memoir about working in news are also available. I'm asking $25 for autographed copies of "Everyone Needs an Editor (Some of Us More Than Others)." Clicking the lower PayPal Buy Now button gets this done.

(Yes, a smarter person would probably have figured out how to have only one button, but what can you expect from someone who took a government course in college, got a D, decided to take the course again and got another D? Yes, the picture of the cover of the memoir is fuzzy. I hope the writing in the book isn't. I'm pretty sure I make myself very clear in the chapter on performance reviews.)

You won’t be buying just a book or books. You will also receive a copy of an essay that won't appear anywhere else: Deli Talk: Ten Things To Say At The Deli To Make The Staff Love You.