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I didn’t see anything wrong with the old Home Page or any of the other pages, but seven years after I started this site the folks at Go Daddy (is there a Go Mommy?) stopped supporting the platform (or whatever it’s called) I was using. What kind of world would this be if all things, including people, were obsolete after seven years? What kind of world would this be if no politician could serve more than seven years and after that had to find a real job, a category that would exclude lobbying?

Totally lacking in any skill that would be beneficial to employers today, it will take me a while to transfer many of the essays from the old site to the new. What you see here at the moment is a start to my new surroundings.

The picture above is of Pettneu am Arlberg, Austria, one of my favorite places, where I’ve been lucky to stay many times on ski trips and where, so far, I apparently haven’t worn out my welcome. Then again, my German is so bad maybe the folks there have told me to get lost hundreds of time and I don’t know it. (Unless otherwise noted, any pictures on the site were taken by Jack McCoy, my son and a professional photographer.

Fun is the objective of this website. For years I’ve pestered friends and family with letters and emails about my misadventures, most of them entirely my fault. I have no idea how anything works (car, phone, stereo, faucet, light bulb, sippy cup), and I hate planning anything (if I had been in charge of the Normandy invasion we would all be speaking German now).

I’m an equal opportunity pesterer, meaning I’m also fond of sending cheerful notes to newscasters and presidents of news divisions as well as the big shots at airlines, car companies and elsewhere.

I worked for more than 45 years in newsrooms, and all my old bosses will tell you how delighted they were to read one of my late night notes about the quality of journalism in their shop and the quality of the journalists they were hiring.

My hope is to populate this space with entertaining essays about things I’ve done or seen along with occasional rants, or even raves, about my former profession.

A memoir on my days as a warm, fuzzy presence in several newsrooms was published in late December 2014 by Sunstone Press. Early versions of some of the chapters in “Everyone Needs an Editor (Some of Us More Than Others)” first appeared here. (By the way, everyone does need an editor. Above when I wrote “no politician could serve more than seven years,” I meant seven months.) 

A book of my essays on how much fun it is to grow old, “Did I Really Change My Underwear Every Day?”, was published in July 2011 by Sunstone Press.

Both books are available from Sunstone Press (800-243-5644), Barnes&Noble (, or from little old me. (See “Buy A Book.”)

I've just finished (I think) a book  on grandkids entitled "Grandma Told Me Never To Believe Anything Grandpa Says." I'm looking for a publisher. 

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